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Tree Pruning and Management Consultation

  • Proper pruning is essential to development of trees with strong structure and desirable form.  Trees that receive the appropriate pruning measures while they are young require less corrective pruning as they age, help them survive the ravages of storms, and insure trees and turf thrive together in the landscape.  
  • Older trees enhance the beauty of your landscape, cool your environment, and increase the value of your home with proper pruning.  NEVER allow someone to top your trees,  This can create weak branch connections that can eventually become dangerous. 
  • As a consultant, I can provide services to recommend appropriate pruning for your trees, solicit bids, set up a contract with a reputable and insured tree company, and make sure they do the job following ISA best management practices.  
  • A good contract will include provisions for clear pricing, use of tree spikes (only recommended for removal), handling cleanup and firewood, stump removal, insurance requirements and other considerations. 
  • I can map the trees on your property and determine the species and health of each tree.  This is especially helpful prior to construction when important trees and unhealthy ones can be identified and managed.  

ISA Special Qualification Earned for Tree Risk Assessment

  • Trees provide significant benefits, but when they fail, they can injure people or cause property damage.  
  • Arborists can inspect and test for tree defects or signs of potential problems and plan for appropriate steps to manage the risks. 
  • Call to arrange a tree inspection of individual trees, or an overall inventory and health assessment of all of the trees on your property.  

Tree Nutrition

  • If your trees appear to be sick, it could be that they are deficient in nutrients.   If the nutrient status of your soil and trees are unknown, I can analyze the soil and/or foliage to determine the nutrients your tree needs.  Before your trees start to decline, find out the nutrient status of your trees and make sure they are supplied with the nutrients they need. 
  • I use only slow release fertilizers that are available to your trees over an extended period of time.  Nitrogen, in particular, is a nutrient that should be supplied to trees only in the slow release form.  Plus, there are state regulations for how much to apply to protect groundwater.  Protect the environment and hire an arborist that can calculate the correct rate of application. 
  • When fertilizer is applied to turf, much of the fertilizer intended for the trees may not reach the tree roots.  If a tree is showing symptoms of stress or is planted with the root system under heavy turf, we can use root zone feeding to inject the fertilizer into the ground below the turf where the tree roots grow.  The soluble slow release fertilizer used also has root growth stimulant that promotes healthy root growth and helps trees recover more quickly from stress problems. 

Tree Health Care

  • Determining the reason that a tree is not healthy may not always be easy.  It may take some sampling and research to diagnose the cause.  This might involve knowledgeable experts at universities or other institutions that can help to make a proper diagnosis.  If I do not immediately know what is causing the problem, I know the right people to call.  
  • Only when the disease or insect attacking a tree is known can the proper fungicide or insecticide be used to bring the tree back to health, if chemicals are even necessary.  Sometimes the problem could be something as simple as overwatering or mulch filled too deeply around the tree trunk.  
  • As a licensed chemical applicator and trained Arborjet injection specialist, I can diagnose and treat many disease and insect problems with virtually no exposure to you or your environment.  
  • Let me show you how proper health care measures can help maintain the beauty and functionality of your trees for years to come.  
  • Arborjet is an injection system that uses systemic chemical treatments to protects the tree from the inside while minimizing exposure to people.  With the use of an Arborplug, which stays in the tree to protect the injection site,  the chemical gets into the tree vascular system quickly and grows over the Arborplug naturally.  Systemic treatments are available to correct an array of disease, insect and nutritional problems. 

Protection of Trees During Construction

  • Trees are commonly damaged at construction projects.  The best  time to protect trees is before the project begins.  Prevention of damage is much less expensive than treatment after damage has occurred.   
  • Call me during the planning stages of your construction project to see how an arborist can help to prevent tree damage.  
  • If damage has already occurred, trees may exhibit decline symptoms and could lead to unsightly pruning to cut out dead limbs or even tree mortality.  Treatments can be provided that can help the tree to recover from damage more quickly.  


  • Palms are beautiful, especially if they receive the proper pruning and care.  Many companies trim palms too high.  For Canary Palms, the result is often referred to as a "pineapple cut".  For Sable Palmettos, landscapers sometimes cut severely for what they call a "hurricane cut" which they claim protects them from high winds.  Don't let your landscapers cut branches too high.  This can lead to increased cold damage and can actually deprive the palm of valuable food production.  High winds rarely damage palms, so pruning too high does more harm than good.  If live green branches are cut, the phenols released can attract insects including the dreaded Palm Weevil.  Once they get into the one bud of a palm, they are often very difficult to kill.  I can help protect your palms with systemic treatments. 
  • Different palms have different growth habits.  For example, Canary Palms and Sego Cycads grow very wide whereas, Washingtonia (Mexican Fan) Palms grow very quickly and sometimes outgrow their allotted space sooner than expected.  Know the best choices of palms for your landscape.
  • The nutritional and watering needs of palms are very specific.  They also have an array of diseases and abiotic problems that are difficult to diagnose.  Call me if you are having issues with your palm.  I just might be able to help.  

Species Selection and Tree Planting

  • Choosing the correct species to plant is one of the most important decisions a homeowner can make in the landscape.  Different species have different growing habits. Beginning with the wrong species in the wrong place can bring problems later.  Call an arborist for advice on species for your landscape design.
  • Trees improperly planted can also cause problems later.  If the roots of transplanted trees that were grown in containers are allowed to continue to grow in a circle around the tree, they can choke the stem of the tree as they get bigger and actually kill the tree. Also, trees have a very difficult  time recovering from being planted too deep.  Call me to plant your trees or supervise your project to insure the job is done correctly from the start. 

Tree Appraisal

  • Insurance claims and other dispute issues may require an arborists opinion on value.  I am trained as an appraiser and would be happy to discuss whether a tree appraisal would be warrented in your case. 
  • Call about tree valuation.   


Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individualized attention, and innovative solutions. Contact us and discover all we have to offer. Our staff is looking forward to speaking with you.









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